Thanks Audrey

Finally… IIFA Awards

Well, this has made me super excited after my day of not so greatness (actually 2 consecutive days but I’m trying to stay positive).

I’m so happy to have Audrey post this – like getting a new pair of pretty Christian Louboutin’s (these are my next purshase). The only gum stuck to the sole of my new shininess is that my name didn’t get on there, mainly cause I had a cute bio set up. But at the end of the day, fabulousness!

Thanks Janice Jann and the Audrey team. Let’s hope there will be more :)

Read it here!

About quixoticlaugh

Having travelled some and lived in a few places around the world, Iris is never without her passport and her credit card. The former allows for great mischief; the latter feeds her shoe addiction. Iris’s hopes for the future would be: her snowboard equipment will be counted as free luggage, to own a Haute Couture piece (Chanel or Givenchy), to see a zebra in the African heat and that we all laugh a little more!

One comment

  1. Hmm… though I just noticed a typo. It should be Ranveer Singh and not Ranvir Singh. I thought I changed it on my final copy I sent!

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