Happiness: Nanas

What made me happy today: my grandma and a nap

Today was a tough one. I worked from my mom’s home to help out my grandma. She’s very independent and hates asking for help, but right now she needs it.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be so cognisant yet unable to do anything because your body is betraying you. Frustrating I could imagine.

So today while I worked I kept a look out for her wandering away. She kept getting up when really she should rest. It was like babysitting a kid really. Exhausting. But I wouldn’t have spent it any other way. My grandma is pretty cute.

With her teddy again, aww:


But I’m no longer 15, so I also needed a nana nap when my mom got home. It’s nice to be able to take that time out and just sleep while someone takes care of things. Thanks mom! (no picture of me napping; there was drool)

Something I really enjoyed was when I went to the convenience store to get a drink, the owner refused to sell cigarettes to a guy for lack of ID. The kid protested loudly and left in a huff. The owner didn’t buckle after the old lady gave him a hard time. Good for you Convenience Store Near the Port Credit Go Station owner! Made me smile.

And of course as a nice pick me up, I bought a refreshing Aloe Juice. Yum!

Sugar free is surprisingly the best:


About quixoticlaugh

Having travelled some and lived in a few places around the world, Iris is never without her passport and her credit card. The former allows for great mischief; the latter feeds her shoe addiction. Iris’s hopes for the future would be: her snowboard equipment will be counted as free luggage, to own a Haute Couture piece (Chanel or Givenchy), to see a zebra in the African heat and that we all laugh a little more!

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