The Boulevard

While this isn’t part of my Happiness Project per se, this gave me the greatest joy this morning!

Last night I saw a tweet that caught my interest. Mainly as the handle said @twilightkiwifan. How interesting was it that a kid from the other side of the world was interested in the never ending dialectic about same sex marriage.


I read the report and I found it thorough as most are, but I felt an endorsement from a self professed Romney fan who does have a few tweets in her stream slagging off President Obama may not have been the best endorsement. I replied as such.


If the article had been about a quote Romney had was false and the retweet had been a President Obama supporter who streamed a million offensive epithets of Romney, I would have been affronted by the same bias.

This morning I woke up and found this in my ‘Mentions’:


Of which I thought was absolutely adorable. Firstly because she used her old account and secondly because she actually replied. Ah, the great Greek philosophers would have loved Twitter. Here we are debating in a great boulevard.

My statement about her was not an insult. We all have biases and she definitely has them. I am aware that I have my own biases. It’s important to understand that when we see something we like, that confirms our beliefs, that we look at it from the other perspective. I am more persuaded by any pundit who voices an opinion that goes against the grain of their own belief.

I have two friends, a couple, who are diametrically opposed in their political beliefs. While he does allow her the time and patience to voice her opinion, her not so much. The world will never progress unless we respect the debate. And listen.

Basically, if the Politifact report had found Romney lying about President Obama and she had been a fan of the President, I would have found the same bias. I wonder how she feels about Politifacts other reports on Romney?

I looked more into this person’s feed. It reminded me that I don’t have a lot of pundits from either side. I have Slate and Fox. Could I follow Glenn Beck like she does? Then I’d have to follow Rachel Maddow. Hmmm… I definitely am not sure about Trump. I mean respect for the business savvy, but his hyperbole and obfuscation is too much.

Ok, so as I follow President Obama, I’ll follow Mitt Romney. Thanks kid for helping me get my world view. Though, I probably won’t be watching Twilight from your recommendations. Saw the first one and that was enough. I’m ok with the books’ Mormonism and find it all too teen flight of fantasy, but hey… At least people are reading.

Anyway, this little tweet has provided more for my piece. Which reminds me that I have not been stellar with using this blog as a repository for all my articles. Must get on that!

But I leave you with the best bio ever:


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